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Unleashing Your Inner Leader: An Executive Coach Tells All

"You can not teach a man anything, you can only help him find it within himself." These encouraging words from Galileo inspired and motivated Vickie Bevenour, president of the RDW Group, to form her own company. Vickie's biggest strength is her unconditional dedication and results-oriented approach to the mission behind the company's initials.

RDW - Results Derived from Within.

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Leverage your brand of leadership for maximum results!

Unleashing Your Inner Leader: Executive Coach Tells All presents the premise that there is a powerful leader inside each of us. The focus is on real life exercises and case studies to help you discover, release, and leverage your inner leader: to reach heights in your career that you never thought possible. The book discusses the individual’s impact on the organization and which professional behaviors most frequently demonstrate leadership competencies. Conduct a “forensic intervention” to find out what is going awry in your professional development, or what has gone wrong in the past, and craft a strategy to overcome obstacles, gain unmistakable clarity about yourself, and focus your abilities to match organizational needs.

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Great leaders start their assessments from the inside out, and their passion is so strong that it permeates their organizations and builds the culture, regardless of rank. They inspire their teams by sharing the spotlight and encouraging coworkers to excel, operating with clean authenticity to maximize results. Unleashing Your Inner Leader helps you recognize where you fall on the leadership spectrum, and provides practical advice for shaping your brand of leadership to capitalize on your authentic capability and potential. You’ll find expert insight as an executive business coach guides you to:

  • Evaluate your strengths, values, and personal impact to craft a vision for the world around you.
  • Discover what’s holding you back from maximum effectiveness
  • Tap into your undiscovered potential, and inspire your team to excellence
  • Recognize what it will take to move you and your organization to the next level

It is often very difficult for leaders to see their own greatness, unlock it, and use it in a practical way to get results. Be the spark that ignites your team, and steer your own development toward becoming an impactful leader with Unleashing Your Inner Leader.

About the Author - Vickie Bevenour  

I am a Leadership Strategist, Executive Coach and Author. My vision is to actively inspire and activate business leaders to unleash their inner leader, all day, every day, to become the top 2% in their world. My mission is to pave the path for leaders to truly understand and embrace their leadership potential. Partnering with leaders to leverage this power and translate it into: personal happiness, a purposeful legacy, and a world where living at the top of one's game is a constant state of being, is my legacy.

Widely reputed for my highly intuitive way of relating to leaders and actively partnering with them to unearth their potential. Clients and colleagues recognize my keen ability to take things 'from good to great' by inspiring and motivating others to:

  • Identify the elements of their success
  • Creatively apply and practice them regularly
  • Create them as habit and essence

Across the board, my clients name 'the connection of high achievement with personal happiness' as a key benefit of their coaching partnership with me.

Translating Leadership and Achievement into a Purposeful Legacy
Channeling more than two decades of corporate experience, I actively parlay my learnings into my work and am constantly raising the bar in cultivating my own personal legacy. 'Ethical', 'energetic', 'worldly' and 'positive' are adjectives commonly associated with me, as my 'glass half full' business and life perspectives consistently provide clear vision for others to attain realistic accomplishments.

Creating a Tapestry for Ethical and Sustainable Business Climate for Future Generations
My no-nonsense approach, yet empathetic personality is equally at home in the executive suite as well as working with evolving leaders. Hired to provide coaching and customized programming to the MBA programs within Duke, Columbia, and NC State, I hold a special place for instilling the foundations of professional legacy for each of these future leaders.

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