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“The most valuable result of Vickie’s six months of coaching is that I learned that a positive attitude is built on the ability to accept yourself. Vickie helps me find clarity to my thoughts which allows me to decipher and decide when a thought of an activity is not bottom line productive”. Director,
Mary Kay Cosmetics



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Career Transition Testimonials

“I decided earlier this year that I wanted to leave my current company at the end of my upcoming maternity leave in the late fall. To prepare for this change I asked my coach, Vickie Bevenour, to help me prepare my resume and prepare me for interviews. Thanks to Vickie my job search was a huge success! 

  • Vickie helped me turn my resume into a document that was all about my successes and their impacts to my employer and employees. One company I interviewed with told me they received over 200 resumes for the advertised position and only selected the top 5 to interview.
  • Out of six companies, I was called back for multiple interviews with all, except one. Vickie worked with me on asking impactful questions during my interview and also on asking questions that helped me determine whether the position/company was a good fit for my strengths.
  • Salary became an issue for me during the job search and Vickie helped me stand firm on the salary I wanted, even when my first instinct was to say yes to a job with a much lower salary.
  • For the first time ever I negotiated a salary and benefits package with the company I accepted an offer from. My final offer included a guaranteed salary increase and bonus after a set period of time.
  • Finally, the job offer I accepted was made when I was 8 months pregnant! Three months before I expected my job search to get serious and six months before I expected to have any offers.

I have no doubt that my job search would have been significantly longer and would not have had the incredibly positive results without Vickie’s assistance.” -Director, Capture Management, Anteon Corporation

“Coach Vickie, having known and worked with you for only 5 months, you have both impressed and helped me so much. You were especially helpful in the following areas: 

  • Provided me with a template for creating a comprehensive resume that has received accolades from potential employers and recruiters as being amongst the best they’ve seen.
  • Provided me with a template for creating a ‘marketing’ cover letter that I’ve used in emails during my employment campaign efforts. This helped me focus and tailor my key strengths when exploring various opportunities.
  • Your enthusiastic encouragement was contagious and emotionally resonated with me for weeks while I competed in competitive job search initiatives.
  • Your availability and response time (phone calls, emails, on-site appointments) strongly reflected your responsibility strengths while reducing my stress levels, as your client, anxiously seeking your advice. It’s always nice to know that you’re as close as my phone and keyboard.
  • You suggested readings challenged my thinking and approach to the job market. These were: Now Discover Your Strengths, Brag-How to toot your horn without blowing it, and Women Don’t Ask… to name a few.
  • You introduced me to friends and other professionals in communities of mutual interests, which extended my network of professional acquaintances, as I knew few people in this area.

Thank you for all you’ve done and continue to do.” -Director of eLearning in Career Transition

“Working with Vickie has allowed me to define and then focus on my strengths and how best to apply them. Her suggestions for revisions to my resume were invaluable. I re-identified with experiences and skills that I had forgotten I ever had. I believe I am now more confident in my own abilities and able to articulate and project that confidence forward. After trying for six months on my own, I found a job after working with Vickie for two months.

Her commitment and enthusiasm for her work is infectious. For me, this has been a very positive experience/journey and one I would highly recommend to others.” -Process/Project Manager, Telecommunications Industry

“Coach Vickie is always encouraging and she truly understands how overwhelming the process of finding a new job can be. She offered support and feedback with how to revise my resume. She also gave me direction and suggestions on how to network and we developed an action plan together. Most importantly I knew that she was honestly listening to my concerns and really wanted to see me succeed. 

With Coach Vickie's insight, coaching and mentoring, I was able to make the transition from an unorganized job seeker to strong, well prepared candidate. As a result, I have joined a team of individuals where I now feel comfortable to express my ideas and I know that my ideas are making a difference in the company. Coach Vickie has helped me evolve both professionally and personally. She always encouraged me to look at the entire picture and not solely on my work life. With her support, I have made great strides in achieving my professional and personal goals. Finally, the networking skills that I learned while working with Vickie are invaluable. Initially they helped during my job search, but now that I am working the skills continue to help me build a strong bond with my new co-workers.

Coach Vickie encouraged me to focus my energy in a positive, productive direction. Each time after we spoke I knew that my "homework assignments" were quickly moving me in the direction of success. Even after I received my job offer, Vickie continued to help me negotiate my new salary. With Coach Vickie's suggestions, I was able to negotiate a 15% increase above the company's initial offer! I am in a better financial position today because of Coach Vickie's constant support and advice.

I would highly recommend Coach Vickie to anyone looking for a new career path or simply looking to find a more positive working environment with less stress. Thank you again for everything Vickie. You really have made a difference in my life and I am very grateful.” -Marketing Services Manager, Sherman Williams

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