Volume 2, Issue 3
MARCH 2004
Is a quick tip ezine for Managers who believe in "Results Derived from Within"
Written by: Vickie Bevenour

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Spiritual Energy!

Last month we explored the rhythm of physical energy. We talked about sustaining full engagement, by taking a recovery break every 90 to 120 minutes. How did you do? If you found something that really worked for you, please let me know.

This month I would like to suggest that we look at the level and use of spiritual energy in our lives. Living a life of purpose fuels spiritual energy. That means living your life in concert with your PERSONAL VALUES. Many of my clients come to me looking for work/life balance. I tell them that we can work on a mountain of “techniques” for aligning different areas of your life, but you will still not feel fulfilled. The key to balance in one’s own life is to identify your PERSONAL VALUES and then build an environment in which you can live by those values.

The most common response that I get to this statement is, “Coach Vickie, how can I live by my values when I am part of __________ (corporation, firm, organization) who couldn’t care less about me?” My challenge to that individual is to identify their 3 to 5 most important personal values. I assure them that they have more control in their lives than they think. I have a client, I will call him Fred, whose employees criticized him for his lack of follow through and for being unreliable. He was crushed because his own personal values were integrity, honesty and fairness. As we worked together, Fred discovered that he had tried every delegation technique in the book and always failed. We finally agreed that in order for Fred to truly live his values, he had to give up his need for control and learn to trust in the ability of his staff. As he began to implement his personal values, his entire division began to develop sustainable top performance.

My challenge to you is to discover your values and have the courage to be truthful with yourself and those around you. Congratulations, you are well on your way to successfully living your life from the inside out, by deriving results from within yourself.

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