Volume 2, Issue 6
Coach Vickie Bevenour - Phone: 919-303-4780
JULY 2004
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Written by: Vickie Bevenour

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Last month, I presented with a Client at the National Conference of the Association of Proposal Manager Professionals in Hollywood, Florida. Our topic was “Using Coaching Techniques for Success in a Multi-Disciplined Environment”. The message was that successful managers and business development individuals must be able to “paint” a clear vision, obtain buy-in from matrixed team members, and lead a skilled team to produce a winning product. Using coaching techniques allows for individual success; additionally there is often a “surprise” impact with your teams, employees and leadership.

What is business coaching? It is a relationship that provides a safe, honest, non-judgmental environment where you can objectively look at what is preventing you from achieving the results that you want. A coach can help you:

  • Leverage your scarce time
  • Overcome self limiting responses in specific situations
  • Accelerate your performance
  • Find balance
  • Enhance your personal communication power.

I like to call myself an Enterprise Performance Coach. There is lots of research out there that talks about the effectiveness of coaching. I believe that working with the key individuals within that enterprise increases the effectiveness of coaching. My Clients are all Key Individuals, in one form or another. Ask yourself; is there one thing within my group, which if it would go better, could improve results? Using coaching techniques, you are in control to make that change.

Getting the results that you want, by using coaching techniques, applies to everyone.

I have been coaching throughout my 25 year corporate career. I hired a coach for myself in the mid-90’s. We coached for 2 years. She was the catalyst for me to understand what my strengths, values and goals were; and how to use coaching techniques to meet those goals, and to become successful. Most folks decide to work with a coach when they are feeling some pains. A pain could be: career transition, difficult Managers/Associates or the desire to improve your performance. What are some pains that you are feeling now?

How many of you are excited about the upcoming Olympics in Greece? What is it that excites you? Is it the athletes, the competition, the winning, the medals? Each of these athletes has a coach to partner with them, to ensure they are the best they can be. This is exactly what a Business Coach does for the Business Professional. As you watch the Games this summer ask yourself if you are the best you can be? If the honest answer to that is “no” stay tuned to the next four issues and I will address the four points that I made in the Hollywood talk about how using coaching techniques can catapult you towards success.

Can’t wait that long? Contact Coach Vickie now and begin Deriving Results from Within.

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