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February, 2018

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February 2018 -  What is Your Impact?

Successful leaders are adept at communicating their impact and the impact of their team to anyone, anytime, anywhere. Communicating your accomplishments in Challenge, Action, Results (CAR) stories is the technique that successful leaders use to demonstrate their impact. Your CAR Stories are your career currency, or the foundation upon which you can build your career. CAR stories can be successfully used in performance reviews and introductions to communicate your impact to the organization concisely.

I recently did a presentation at a local high-tech company. I began by asking the audience the following question: Of those people with whom you work closely (your peers, subordinates, bosses, customers, suppliers, stakeholders), how may of them truly know what success or accomplishments you have had this year?

The question seemed to stop them cold, and I had some stunned faces staring back at me. In my years of coaching this has been a common response to this inquiry. It always surprises me that I work with some incredibly talented people who are doing some amazing things and yet no one in their world seems to recognize their impact, or better said, their value to the organization.

With this introduction, please meet Francis. He is a manager in a medium sized software firm. Francis took over for his former manager when he left more than a year ago. We met once a month and Francis began to develop some smart leadership skills and his team began making significant impacts to the organization.

Last fall I suggested to Francis that it would be a good idea for he and his team members to document their successes in the CAR format. For two months I would gently request to see Francis' CAR statements and each month he had a different excuse of why they were not done.

Then in December Francis began talking about asking for a promotion to director. I explained that the best way to have this conversation with his manager was to get the director job description and match each of the job responsibilities with some of his CAR stories. The purpose of this exercise is to show the decision maker that Francis was already doing 50% to 75% of the director job.

You can imagine my excitement to meet with Francis in January and my equal disappointment when he told me that two of his peers got promoted to director!!

I took a deep breath and asked if he had done his CARs and presented them to his manager. The response was no.

Even if you are not considering making a move (promotion or new job), it is imperative that you write one or two success stories in the CAR format. You never know when an opportunity will present itself and you will be ready.

What a great way to start out the new year. Congratulations, by making the commitment to write your CAR stories every month, you will surely unleash your inner leader and you just might get a larger reward than you ever thought possible.

Author's note about January 2018 Newsletter:

I received many comments on the January newsletter about Impactful Introductions (if you missed it you can find it here: www.coachvickie.com).

One particular comment below I wanted to share with my readers:

"I have a suggestion for you regarding your 6-word bio. When I read the example you gave, it was so strong and clear. When I read yours, I didn't feel it had the same impact. My observation is that the crispness of the example derives from the fact that there are three points made with three verb phrases. Your six-word bio, on the other hand seems to have four ideas, two represented with nouns, and two represented with verbs. It is missing the rhythm that makes the example memorable. For your consideration: "Interact honestly, embrace everyone, celebrate beauty." There may be a better verb than interact."

I thought that this was a great comment and I wanted to encourage my readers who might actually be trying to craft their six-word bio to think about whether we are representing ourselves with nouns, verbs or a mixture.


Coach Vickie Bevenour



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