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January, 2017

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January 2017 - Reflection before Projection

I wrote the following newsletter in December of 2009; now, in January of 2017, the idea is worth repeating. Since my 2009 encounter with my colleague Robin, “Reflection before Projection,” has become a key phrase for me. How is it that we believe we can race into a new year without proper reflection on the past year? I ask you to make refection part of your January projection efforts. 

Note: In the newsletter, I talk about the new direction that I embraced in 2009 to move my coaching business from a focus on “career success” to a focus on “career sustainability”. That choice ultimately led me on the journey of discovering how business professionals unleash their Inner Leader, which is the title of my book, published in February of 2015. That refection is very sweet and makes me smile!!!

December 2009 – Reflection before Projection

One of my favorite networking organizations is the Health Care Businesswomen’s Association (HBA); because there is always an array of smart, degreed women who are serious about their career advancement and about helping others succeed as well. At our recent holiday meeting I had a conversation about a new direction for my coaching business in 2010…. moving from career success to career sustainability. There will be more details about this in future newsletters and for now, I was simply socializing the concept with some of the attendees. What struck me was the comment made by the owner of a small medical writing business, “WOW Vickie, reflection before projection, what a great way to start the New Year!” Thank you, Robin, I appreciate your phrase. I believe that this is something that many of us are not doing and it is essential for long-term success!

How many times do we naturally transition from the holiday break into January with all of our sights set full steam ahead on the next year’s goals and performance indicators? Do we ever actually spend enough time reflecting on the past year and assessing our performance? Even more important, how much time do we actually spend reviewing our successes and reveling in the fact that we overcame some intense odds to finish the year strong? The follow-on question is: how much time do we actually spend celebrating those successes and showing sincere appreciation to our teams for all the hard work, personal sacrifice and effective solutions? Most importantly, do we celebrate or show our appreciation to those outside our business (but WAY inside of our lives - family, spouses, and friends) for their unending support of our long working hours, missed personal events and occasional grumpy moods?

If any of this rings true for you, I ask that before you continue to think about next year’s planning, forecasting and projections, please stop, thoughtfully reflect and then take some action. These actions could include:

  • Take a survey of your group’s thoughts, attitudes and desires relating to last year’s performance and share the results with your team and Manager.
  • Write a personal note to those top team members and their families thanking them for a job well done and explaining in a personal manner what it means to you to have them on your team.
  • Bring your group together for a group assessment of their past year’s performance. For 30 minutes, only positive comments are allowed.
  • Schedule some quiet time and reflect on all of the successes that you have personally driven in the last year and make plans to celebrate.
  • Make an appointment with your Manager with the sole purpose of reflecting on last year’s results, again, only positive comments allowed.
  • Send a gift basket to your family as a thank you for their support.
  • Tell your family as a group what their support has meant to you.
  • STOP giving compliments followed with a “BUT”

While these above suggestions might seem frivolous or elementary, the message is very bottom-line orientated. You can not accurately project next year’s successes without taking a good, hard look at what happened this year. Congratulations, you are on your way to making the best New Year’s Plan that you have ever created by completing some “reflection before projection” and deriving results from within.

“Wishing each of you and those that are close to you, a very Happy Holiday season. May you take a moment to truly compliment yourself and those around you for stellar performance this year. Thank you for your loyal support of these newsletters and my business throughout 2009; I wish each of you, a New Year that is filled with the best of the best!” - Coach Vickie


Coach Vickie Bevenour



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