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February, 2017

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February 2017 - The Goals Grid

It always amazes me how many of my colleagues introduce new-to-market tools or assessments that promise to be somehow better than any of their predecessors. For me, I prefer to stick with the tools that are “tried and true”. One of these is the Goals Grid developed by Fred Nickols http://www.nickols.us/goals_grid.htm

This tool for is ideal for strategic planning purposes because it asks the questions that sometimes do not get asked or are invariably missed by others. The tool is a four-quadrant grid and the questions that it asks for each of the quadrants are:

• What are you trying to achieve?
• What are you trying to preserve?
• What are you trying to avoid?
• What are you trying to eliminate?

This format and way of thinking forces us to plan in a strategically multi-dimensional way. For example, Nickols re-writes the questions in the following manner:

What do you want that you do not have? (Achieve)
What do you want that you already have? (Preserve)
What do you not have that you do not want? (Avoid)
What do you have now that you do not want? (Eliminate)

When thinking about a future plan, whether it be short term (a few months) or long term (many years) we sometimes forget to incorporate all of the good stuff that we have in an organization, a corporate culture or a product line. Many times, the good goes unnoticed or uncelebrated and could potentially be “acciendtly” eliminated when a new direction is followed, leaving everyone to wonder what happened to our former cohesive direction? 

Similarly, ask yourself are there things that your organization has avoided over time either consciously or unconsciously? When looking at a change or a new direction being aware of these “avoidance wants” might clarify elements that you do not have currently and you do not want in the future. This could almost be looked at as a planning blind spot, which would not show up in traditional planning modes.

Conversely in traditional models we very much do look at what we want to eliminate and it is typically around costs. Cost re-alignment or reductions are never easy and looking at cost elimination with regard to the other three quadrants might be a new and innovative way to think about this hard subject.

The Goals Grid could also be used in some personal “Reflection before Projection” planning activities. When planning your personal goals, do you ever take into account what you might want to eliminate for the coming year in your job or potentially in your personal life? Also, keeping in mind that “blind spot”; did you ever think about something that you do not have now and make active plans to make sure that you do not have it in the future? Let’s also think about what we have now, that we want to preserve. Change is inevitable and, if we do not actively think about what we have that is so important or critical to doing our job and how to preserve that, we might just lose it, though lack of planning.

In summary, as we begin the new year, using the Goals Grid as our active planning tool could make this year’s strategic or personal plan the best one yet! Having a good, solid plan is certainly a great start to having the best year of your career/life. Congratulations on having your best year in 2017 and unleashing your Inner Leader.

Coach Vickie Bevenour



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