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August, 2017

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August 2017 -  Do You Take Risks? Part II

Last month we reviewed a story of my client who took a risk and was rewarded for his efforts.  This month I have another story of a similar nature.

Meet Drew, he is a Sales Manager in a young company selling software within a very specific vertical. While Drew himself is an excellent sales person, this position was his first step into managing sales people. I had coached Drew's wife a few years ago and she suggested that Drew work with me to become the best sales manager that he could be. He was excited to maximize his performance and the results of his team.

Drew and I worked together for eight months.  During this time, he discovered his specific strengths and values and how to integrate them into his daily routines.  Being a natural "tell" person; he learned how to ask "what" questions, which are more open ended and probe into the facts of the situation. Drew became a master at setting goals, tracking his sales team's progress and celebrating their successful results.

A few weeks ago, Drew requested an unscheduled coaching call to talk about a new development. Steve, one of the rising "stars" of the organization had asked him to leave his current position and become Steve's second in command.  Drew and I had an in-depth coaching session and he ultimately decided to decline Steve's offer for the time being and stay in his current position. Drew's reasoning was that he had put many initiatives in place with his team, and he wanted to see them through to fruition. His team was important to him and he felt that the relationship that had been built over time was important enough for them to accomplish certain results together.

The next working day, Drew respectfully explained to Steve why he had decided to decline his offer. I was impressed that Drew felt like he acted in an authentic manner in his explanation and he was at inner peace with his decision. Then the unthinkable happened...
Two days later, Steve came back and explained to Drew that while he understood his reasons to stay; the organization really needed Drew to build an organizational strategic plan to take it to the next level.
The result:
  • Drew ultimately took the position to work for Steve.
  • Drew is comfortable in his new position because throughout the entire process. Drew was authentic and true to his personal values. It was a win-win for everyone.
My wish for each of you is that you can examine a potential risk - decide what is authentically right for you - and make a decision that you are comfortable with. By looking at the risk in this manner and then moving forward, you will Unleash your Inner Leader towards success.


Coach Vickie Bevenour



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