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October, 2016

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October 2016 -Leadership is all about communication. Is your personal language sabotaging you?

What type of culture do you want to promote within your organization to achieve a competitive advantage? This could be a culture of: innovation, analytics, collaboration, efficiencies, or even of social awareness and environmental sustainability. Whatever your vision, only effective leaders can drive that kind of change at an enterprise-wide level. But leaders are only effective if they can successfully communicate their ideas and their vision to their teams.
As an executive coach, I've worked with thousands of managers and business leaders whose personal language sabotaged their effectiveness at driving change, not to mention their day-to-day team management.

For your inner leader to shine through, you need to master your personal language--your way of communicating your company's goals and your expectations of your team with reference to meeting those goals.

Meet "Howard," a vice president in a prestigious global professional services firm.  Howard came to me because he was increasingly frustrated and stressed by what he thought was his team's inability to follow his instructions. After several conversations, however, Howard realized that it was his own communication issues that were decreasing his effectiveness as a leader. To change, Howard needed to master his personal language by learning to ask open-ended questions and truly listen to the response.

The simple rule for business professionals is to ask open-ended questions that start with the word
what. What questions lead to factual responses, as opposed to why questions that produce emotional replies. By asking questions that begin with what, your listeners will think and begin to draw their own conclusions. And if you ask these kinds of questions, your communication efforts with your team will be much more successful.

Howard agreed to complete the following exercise: For every meeting/phone call/interaction, he prepared six to ten what questions. 
He asked his questions and really listened to the answers, rather than reverting to a "tell" posture and continuing to ask more questions. 

Here are some examples of applicable "what questions:" 
  • What does success of this (project, meeting, presentation) look like?
  • What are the top-three steps to achieve success?
  • What about your idea/direction will contribute to the success of this (project, meeting, presentation)?
  • What is the ideal outcome?
  • What would that ideal outcome look like? (Vickie, I'm not sure if these are both needed - kind of redundant)
  • What is the permanent solution here?
  • What do you want to see happen?
  • What is the truth here?

Howard diligently followed this concept of asking what questions, and in six months his frustration and stress level had decreased significantly. His personal language became razor precise, and he is delighted at how his staff and colleagues have responded. Howard's inner leader is smiling.

By recognizing that his personal communication style was sabotaging his effectiveness and incorporating this one change into the way that he communicated with his team, Howard became the kind of leader a competitive, success-driven organization needs. He was able to learn how to promote a culture of analytics which drove change at an enterprise-wide level.


As a visionary leader what one change would you like to see successfully implemented within your organization? I would request that you think about how you are communicating that challenge to your team.  Is it in an effective, command and control "tell" type of language...or is it in an authentic questioning communication that empowers your team to think for themselves, ask questions and embrace your vision moving forward?

Congratulations! By asking authentic "what" questions you will unleash your Inner Leader and your team will embrace your enterprise wide vision.

Coach Vickie Bevenour



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