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May, 2016

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May 2016  Unplugging can be the Right Answer

In last month's newsletter we discussed the issue of allowing time to grieve during a career transition. It is important to take time to mourn the loss of what was left behind or the loss of a great manager. I received several comments on this newsletter after its release, one of which was, "Vickie this is a great lesson for life in general!"

Since that time I have had three very specific conversations that highlighted even more for me the importance of deliberately taking time for one's self. They were each so compelling that I wanted to share these conversations with you, my readers.

Amelia had years of experience in her function and was relatively new to her current company. In the last nine months, she had faced some uncomfortable issues. As we coached through these issues, the subject of an "unplugging" vacation came up. Amelia realized with a gasp that she had not taken any "down" time before she started with her current company...nine months ago. In her words, she had totally sabotaged her performance by showing up to this new company at only 70% of her productive self. Amelia was amazed when she made this discovery, and even more astounded to realize that this was her "normal mode of operation" through-out her career.

The lesson is to always take an "unplugged" break before starting a new position. Alternatively, if you have been working for more than a year without a break, you owe it to yourself to take some time off and disengage from the demands of your professional life.

My second conversation was with a woman whom I have known for 6 years, but had not seen in a while. When we met, she was a shadow of her former self in many ways. Later, I learned that she had recently gotten out of an abusive 16 year marriage. While she wanted to talk with me about beginning a job search, it became very obvious to both of us that she was not yet emotionally ready. Her conclusion was that she needed more time to get back to being "that girl" (her former self).

The third story is about a friend who had worked all of her life and finally decided to retire at 69 years old. When everyone congratulated her, their question was, "What are you going to do with yourself now?" She responded by saying that she was going to take a full year to just "BE." She is about eight months into that year and her family is thrilled that she has resisted the temptation to get involved with volunteer activities until she has completed her year of "being."

Lastly, I had the pleasure of spending some time with a former co-mentor from HBA (Healthcare Business Women's Association). She had an inconceivable past year; she lost her job and she was confronted by the physical challenge of living in a body cast for 4 months following hip re-construction surgery. She very smartly told me that she was taking a two month sabbatical before launching her job search.

What is the central theme that we see running through each of these stories? It is, that when life throws you lemons, you need to take some "unplugged time" before you can even consider making lemonade, much less taking your next step.

You are successful and you are successful because you are hard driving and results oriented. That is fine as long as you remember to take the NECESSARY time to unplug. Only then will you be able to unleash your Inner Leader.


Coach Vickie Bevenour


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