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June, 2016

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June 2016 - Do You Know Your Values and Do You Live by Your Values?

I recently spoke at the first of a series of three career development workshops presented by the Connected Women of North Carolina (CWNC). It was a great venue and the audience was hungry for the information imparted by all of the speakers.

One of my co-presenters was Angela Savitri (http://www.freedomfromchronicstress.com) and her segment was titled Strong Women Stand Still. Her whole premise is: if you know your values and actively choose to make business/life decisions based on your values then you will be strong and still, not weak and frustrated. I support her premise.

In my Personal Branding work I always start by asking people to identify and acknowledge their values. The concept being: if one understands and commits to living by one’s values then decision making is much easier. By using your values as a personal compass or GPS, you have some criteria by which to decide what direction you want to take.

I recall last year when I was conducting a Personal Branding workshop at a large pharmaceutical company, I was talking about using personal differentiation to promote yourself and your work. I received some strong push back from a woman who had been in the pharmaceutical industry her entire career. Her push-back was:

“Vickie, my work should stand on its own merit. People should know me because of my work. I should not have to promote or differentiate myself.”

I appreciated Mary’s comments. After we completed the day long workshop, I always request that the students go back to their work place and put their personal brand (based on their values) to use. Then two months later we get together for a webinar and explore how everyone did and to share best practices. Below are Mary’s comments from the webinar:

“Vickie, I know that I was a “hard-sell” and after two months I can say that I have really embraced my values as my guiding principles. In my position, it get a lot thrown at me and I am now very effectively able to sort through all the work and accept on the work that is closest to my values. This has enabled me to be more effective and I have a lot less stress”

Mary had learned a valuable lesson and this example begs the question: are you living your values? Are you allowing your values to become your guiding principles or our personal GPS? Have you discovered your values and are you using your values as an effective way to accept the work that is closest to your values? If not, what is holding your back? Identifying and leading with your values will truly enable you to unleash your Inner Leader.

For more information on personal values and a fun exercise to discover your values, please see Chapter 3 in my book Unleashing Your Inner Leader, An Executive Coach Tells All, available on Amazon.


Coach Vickie Bevenour


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