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August, 2016

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August 2016  What is Your One Thing?


During one of my recent Unleashing Your Inner Leader classes we had a discussion on leadership effectiveness.  I always start this section with the following two quotes:

"The art of leadership is saying no, not yes. It is very easy to say yes."
  - Tony Blair former English Prime Minister.
 "I am thankful to all those who said no. It's because of them that I did it myself."
- Albert Einstein.

As these quotes suggest, the art of leadership effectiveness is learning the skill of precise prioritization and how to effectively say "no".  In class we talked through different scenarios of saying no and how to effectively make the decision stick.  It became apparent that the first step is to be sure of your goal or what is really important to you.  The more that you can feel comfortable about your prioritization, the stronger you can be in saying no.

One of the gentlemen in the class shared a book that he was reading titled: The One Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results by Gary Keller and Jay Papazon. He went on to explain that the basic premise of the book is that we each have one thing that we do really well and we should dedicate ourselves to discovering this one thing and spend that majority of our time doing this one thing.

It occurred to me that this concept is similar to discovering and living your personal brand.  Your personal brand is discovering your authentic self (or your one thing); then living your life doing this one thing. To clarify, several examples from my clients come to mind:
  • A software project manager whose one thing is to implement software projects with integrity to the contract for all parties concerned.
  • A pharmaceutical thought leader whose total focus is to do what is best for the patient.
  • A partner in an accounting firm whose one thing is to grow their Asian business by making connections with the RIGHT people, with the RIGHT methods with the RIGHT resources.
  • Coach Vickie whose one thing is to maximize the success of her clients.

This then begs the question: what is your one thing? What is the one thing that is at the core of your being? What is your top value, that when acted upon produces impactful results and you are happy when you produce these results?
As I paged through the book there was another section that grabbed my attention, it was titled the four thieves of productivity.  The concept was: once you have discovered your one thing, then your productivity will soar when you do your one thing the majority of your time. The top "thief" of productivity is once again not being able to say "no".
In all of my leadership coaching and training, it seems that saying "no" is the hardest. This is because; if you are unclear about your goals (your one thing) then you cannot develop the skills to effectively say no. In summary, the first step to increasing your productivity is to discover your one thing.  The second step is to ruthlessly prioritize your work so that you are working on your one thing the majority of the time and effectively saying no to work that does not support your one thing.  I invite you to visit www.the1thing.com for additional information and exercises.
Discovering your one thing and acting on it could be one of the best ways to unleash your Inner Leader.

For more information on personal values and a fun exercise to discover your values, please see Chapter 3 in my book Unleashing Your Inner Leader, An Executive Coach Tells All, available on Amazon.


Coach Vickie Bevenour


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