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February, 2015

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February 2015: Unleashing Your Inner Leader, An Executive Coach Tells All


It has been a long time since I sent a newsletter out, October of last year to be exact. That is because I was busy finishing copy edits, endorsements and production of my book.

This has been a two year process and while frustrating at times, I enjoyed every minute of it. Here is the brief story:

In early 2013 my company celebrated its ten year anniversary. I got the idea that I had ten years' worth of newsletter content that I thought I could simply compile by subject matter, write a few words of introduction and I would have a book. Nothing could be further from the truth. The years of newsletters were a platform, but tying them together into a thoughtful step by step process took considerably more thinking and action that I initially realized. Producing a book with three distinct parts, coupled with case studies and exercises quickly became the goal. I encourage each of you to read the book, do the exercises, build your leadership legacy and get motivation from part three.

The book was published by John Wiley & Sons and it has been on Amazon for pre-order for a few months now. On Tuesday February 17th it was available for general release and purchase.

One last note, when you read the book, it you feel so inclined, please write a review on Amazon. Reviews are how books are rated and how I move to the top.

See below for details: 

Unleashing Your Inner Leader: An Executive Coach Tells All presents the premise that there is a powerful leader inside each of us. The focus is on real life exercises and case studies to help you discover, release, and leverage your Inner Leader: to reach heights in your career that you never thought possible.

In the book you'll find expert insight as Coach Vickie, an executive business coach guides you to:

Evaluate your strengths, values, and personal impact to craft a vision for the world around you
Discover what's holding you back from maximum effectiveness
Tap into your undiscovered potential, and inspire your team to excellence
Recognize what it will take to move you and your organization to the next level

Unleashing Your Inner Leader gives you the tools for recognizing where you fall on the leadership spectrum, and offers a guide for shaping your brand of leadership to capitalize on your authentic capability and potential.

Vickie Bevenour (Coach Vickie) is a leadership strategist and owner of the coaching firm the RDW Group, Inc. Using her natural passion for excellence; she inspires and activates business leaders to use their Inner Leader all day, every day, to become the top 2 percent in their world. 

Order your copy today!

Praise for Unleashing Your Inner Leader

"A 'must' read for all business leaders. Be prepared to be inspired! Vickie Bevenour' s (Coach Vickie's) approach to discovering your 'inner leader' is engaging, incisive, authentic, and pragmatic. A can't miss formula for professional and personal growth."
-Debbie Murtha, Retail Consultant (former Senior Vice President of Macy's and May Department Stores)

"Vickie masterfully uses real leadership growth stories to coach us on how to manage our value, not just our careers. She illuminates a sustainable path to personal and professional fulfillment by showing us how to create and leverage high self-awareness to ultimately leave an inspiring legacy."
-Horace McCormick Jr., former Vice President, Human Resources, Fidelity Investments, and Executive Coach


Coach Vickie Bevenour



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