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May 2014

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May 2014: Where Do You Get Your Inspriation? 


Some of you may know that I have signed a contract with a Global Publishing firm to write and publish a leadership book. The title is: Unleashing Your Inner Leader, Executive Coach Tells All. It is divided into three parts: 

Part One: Know Yourself Authentically 

Part Two: Evolving Your Inner Leader 

Part Three: Your Inner Leader's Inspiration 

The book is full of coaching case studies and client stories. Also, in true Coach Vickie style, it also has lots of exercises to help the reader discover the leadership concepts for themselves. Via this newsletter I am requesting some information from you. 

I would love for you to share your most motivational saying, quote or concept. Answering the question, where do you get your inspiration, is a very valuable aspect of unleashing your inner leader. If you could please respond to the question, what gives you inspiration, I will be happy share it with readers of the book. Just think, your contribution could be the spark that inspires another reader to do move forward and unleash their inner leader. 

Please send me the story of your inspirational saying, quote, concept or message. I will change the names, people, places, companies and industries to assure you anonymity and still allow the inspiration to come through. My email is CoachVickie10@gmail.com 

I will be traveling throughout the month of May so if you do not hear from me right away, do not despair, I will get back with everyone who sends a note of inspiration. Congratulations, by sharing your motivational and inspirational stories you are deriving results from within. 


Coach Vickie Bevenour




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