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July 2014

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July 2014: How Do You Measure Impact? 


The popular television show 60 Minutes recently aired a documentary about the Robinhood Foundation and its founder Paul Tutor Jones. Paul was a Wall Street Hedge Fund Manager whose net worth is over $4 Billion. In the late 1980's, he became interested in helping poverty stricken people in the New York Area. During the first five years of his benevolence, there was very little long term positive impact as a result of his generosity. This is when he decided to treat the Robinhood foundation beneficiaries as business clients. 

This story stopped me in my tracks. Here is a very successful business man who wants to improve the human condition by giving them money and he failed. Wow, a billionaire with a heart and a desire to make the world a better place! What he realized is that he needed to treat his charity endeavors as a business. He set out to build an organization that would help their beneficiary's measure and track their results. One of the people that the foundation partnered with was a nun. The program showed an interview with the nun who had been running a soup kitchen for 10 years. She smiled as she recalled that the first thing the Robinhood foundation asked her to do was to build a five year strategic plan. While she recounted that building this plan was an interesting exercise her real problems arose when she began to implement the plan. The foundation wanted to measure everything. In other words, they were looking to see if their money was making an IMPACT. 

How many of us go to work every day and cannot see the impact that we are making? Measuring an impact and tracking results should be the most natural thing that we do. Unfortunately there are many businesses today who have forgotten that impact is success. The Robinhood Foundation pulls their grants from between 5 to 10% annually from those programs who cannot show the impact of their program or from those who are not meeting their program goals. 

The way that Paul Tutor Jones made his fortune was to measure his results...a very typical impact measurement of Wall Street. The fact that he was able to take those hard learned lessons and relate them to improving human condition was fascinating to me. 

The next time you seek to measure your impact, take this valuable lesson from the Wall Street Billionaires and know that tracking and measuring success is the universal code. Congratulations, by measuring your impact you will derive results from within.


Coach Vickie Bevenour



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