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January 2014

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January 2014: Keep Calm and Negotiate On 


Subject: I'm Excited to be Featured in The Woman's Advantage Calendar on


Monday January 13th

My advice was selected for The 2014 Woman's Advantage Calendar

Of over 5,000 quotes submitted, my quote was selected for

today's page of the calendar. My quote is:


80% of negotiation takes place

in the last 20% of the time.

Stay focused to WIN!




True coaching negotiation story: my client in the technology industry:


Megan had been through several interviews and finally got an offer from a local technology company. The salary was lower than she expected, she wanted more vacation than the two weeks offered and she wanted a signing bonus.


Undaunted, she and I prepared, then detailed out her negotiation strategy; then she practiced speaking her case in a clear concise manner. She was clear on how she would:


  • Thank them for the offer.
  • Concisely ask for what she wanted
  • Associate her past results with potential future results to demonstrate her value
  • Concisely review her counter offer with the hiring manager (who was fairly new to the company).


When Megan had the conversation with the hiring manager on Wednesday, to her amazement, the hiring manager's response was "We cannot do any of that, do you want the job or not?"


Imagine Megan's surprise and shock. As Megan and I had discussed and planned, if anything surprising happened, she should respectfully request 48 hours to think about it. She did that and immediately called me. I asked her to wait the 24 hours and think about what she wanted to do. The next day she called to say that she was just going to take the offer as is.


My question to her was, "If you truly believe in your heart that your value to this company is represented by the offer on the table, then take it. But if you truly believe that your value is represented by your counter, I suggest that you wait"


Under much stress and duress and a sleepless night, Megan did wait.


Guess what happened?


On Friday morning at 10 AM the hiring manger called and she had her boss on the phone with her. The boss' boss had carefully considered Megan's request and having been with the company for a while he clearly understood the value of hiring Megan. The company accepted everything Megan requested.



The key point here is that once you begin a negotiation,

you need to be prepared to stick with it.


Think about master negotiators...say, between companies and labor unions. The union workers go out on strike, they begin to lose wages, their families begin to suffer, and some workers cave in and go back to work. What typically happens? At the very last minute, at midnight of the very last day they "magically" come to an agreement.


80% of negotiation takes place in the last 20% of the time. Stay focused to WIN!


Thank you to Mary Cantando and the 2014 Women's Advantage Calendar for publishing my advice and enabling it to be shared with a larger audience.


Yours very truly,



Coach Vickie Bevenour




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