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September 2013

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September 2013: Get Some Inspiration from Your Own Story 


Recently I was introduced to the book What I Know Now, Letters to My Younger Self: Extraordinary Women Share the Wisdom They Wish They'd Had When They Were Younger. The editor, Ellyn Spragins, is most recently an Editor-at-Large for Fortune Small Business and she wrote a column in the New York Times for three years. Her book started as an article in O, The Oprah Magazine, and she later expanded those ideas to a book.


There were many touching stories from some famous women sprinkled through the book. I selected one to replicate in this newsletter. This selection represents an inspirational message that reminded me of some of the situations that my current clients are facing. While the exact circumstances may not be a match, the struggle and solution that the piece exhibits, hits the mark.


This quote is from Gerry Laybourne, CEO of Oxygen Media. She started as a school teacher and in 1980, at age 33, joined the Nickelodeon team and built an award winning network within 16 years. She left Nickelodeon, to spend two years at Disney/ABC Cable Network and she later made the leap to start Oxygen in 1998. In this role, she persuaded investors to pony up more than $600 Million to launch the new channel. In her interviews, she confessed "I lived a safe corporate existence at Nickelodeon and raising money terrifies me". Gerry wrote a letter to her younger self at the time that she was "jumping ship" from her seemingly corporate safety to "a Wall Street driven, quarterly measured, corporate culture that hasn't yet bought into your ideas". In the end, her advice to her younger self was:


"Above all, remember to be your own best friend. Turn off the radio station in your head that points out your failures."


This idea has made me ask the following questions:

  • How many of us do not take the risk because of the tune of doubt that keeps playing in our heads?
  • How many of us feed that "failure tune" that keeps playing in our heads?
  • Do you have the courage to turn that tune off or switch channels to a "success tune"?

This situation reminds me of many successful executives today who intellectually know that they are successful, yet they have not been able to "accept" their success on an emotional level. I hear comments like:

  • What am I doing running this business? I have no right to be a successful Vice President, Entrepreneur, General Manager.
  • I still see myself as the kid hustling on the basketball court.
  • I come from a humble family and I have worked hard but there are plenty of people who have helped me.
Do any of these comments sound familiar to you? Are you constantly succeeding and yet still doubting yourself? Does your self-doubt sometimes cloud your judgment? What is it that continually feeds your self -doubt?

We all have negative thoughts or occasional self-doubts. The key is to not let these overwhelm or over-power you. We all also have those little voices in our heads that give us lots of negative self-talk. The key is to not let this voice become the only voice that you hear. In the words of this successful woman, try changing or tuning off the "radio station in your head" that talks about your failures. Instead embrace and celebrate your successes and your current reality. Congratulations, by doing this small and powerful self-check, you are deriving results from within.








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Coach Vickie Bevenour





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