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October 2013

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October 2013: Do You Resepect Others' Time? 


My husband had cataract surgery this summer at a world renowned local university eye center. Piece of cake right? Yes, until something goes wrong. Unfortunately, there were many things that went wrong and pertinent to this newsletter was how this organization disrespected the patient and their family's time. How could this happen? Below is a list of the facts:

  • At 7 PM the day before the surgery the doctor changed her schedule and instead of the originally scheduled time of noon, the patient needed to be there at 6 AM. The result was the loss of one entire work day and the negative impact on my personal brand when I had to cancel at the very last minute, two meetings that were scheduled for that morning.
  • The day after the surgery when we returned for the post op visit, we were forced to wait 2 hours for a 10 minute visit. When I asked the doctor specifically what made her disrespect my time so much, she simply left the room.
  • The saga continued with four more scenarios of two hour waits for 10 minute visits.

After thinking about this situation from the perspective of my clients maximizing their performance, here is my burning question to you: Do you disrespect other people's time?


 am sure that at first look your answer would be, absolutely not. Below are a few more scenarios for you to ponder:

  • Are you constantly late for meetings?
  • Do the meetings that you run always end late?
  • Are you habitually double booked for meetings?
  • Is it a "normal" part of your day to re-schedule lesser priority meetings for greater priority meetings?
  • Do you re-schedule meeting with your team when your boss needs you?

I would request that if you answered yes to one or more of the scenarios above that you ask yourself the same question as above...Do you disrespect other people's time?


Still not convinced? We can now discuss some fairly mundane scenarios

  • If your children are home all day and you ask them to do two things that day, do they do it?
  • If you have an important doctor's appointment does your spouse agree to accompany you and then show up late or not at all?
  • Do you have a friend who agrees to help you with an important home project then cancels at the last minute because something better came along?

Research shows that one of the keys to leading a successful team is trust and respect.  In today's world we are asked to respect others opinions, beliefs, cultures, and values.  Yet the most precious asset that is universal to each of us is the asset of time. Who is to determine whose time is more important?  The answer is that all of our time is important and treating both your time and other's time with respect could be the biggest change that you could make to increase trust and performance.


Awareness is the first step towards change and it is my sincere hope that this newsletter has made you aware of your habits that have the potential to hurt your performance and that of your team.  Congratulations, when you start treating everyone's time with respect your will begin to derive results from within.


Yours very truly,



Coach Vickie Bevenour




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