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May 2013

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May 2013: What do YOU do when you make a Mistake

I have been writing my newsletters for the last ten years and I always enjoy getting comments and feedback. Last month's newsletter, titled "Human Motivation," generated more responses and comments than I've ever received in the time I've been sharing this publication. My suggestion that the modern workplace and its focus on assigning work to employees was somewhat like an artist ONLY ever doing commissioned work was confusing for many of my loyal readers. So not only did I get more comments than I've ever gotten - most of them were not positive!

I was horrified to read these because it felt like I had made a "mistake". Yet once I got over the emotion of feeling I'd disappointed my readers, I realized how thankful I was to each of the individuals who took their precious time to send me a note. That is true brand loyalty and support from my brand community. And so, in the spirit in which these newsletters are written.....to be informative and deliver "learnings"....a discussion on making mistakes follows.

What do you do when you make a mistake?

Is your first reaction one of horror, regret, denial, remorse or opportunity? Unfortunately it seems that in recent times we have too many examples of political, sports and corporate figures whose first reaction in the face of a mistake is emphatic denial. This type of reaction does nothing to move the situation forward and certainly does not accomplish the inevitable intended result ...to "make it go away".

There are so many great inspirational quotes about courage being the action of "doing the right thing even when no one is watching". Recovering from a mistake can be very similar to acting with courage. My formula for reacting to a mistake is a simple three step process. First, admit to it early and factually, and then let it go. Secondly, try to the best of your ability to make things right. Third, learn from the experience and take an active approach to avoid doing the same thing again.

So, to all of those folks who were so caring about my confusing discussion in last month's newsletter, a big thank you. You made me re-think my editing capacity, AND you gave me a great concept for a new learning to share with all.

Congratulations! By embracing this three step process, mistakes can turn into opportunities for you to begin deriving results from within.

Yours very truly,


Coach Vickie Bevenour


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