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June 2013

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June 2013: Celebrate YOU! 

Recently I was asked to be the guest speaker at the Baccalaureate service for the graduating seniors of Green Hope High School, located here in Cary NC. As I pondered what my message would be I was struck by how we all could use a bit of encouragement about our future. And so, I have reproduced it here for you to read.

Thank you to all; it is an honor and privilege to be here today. I would like to begin 
my remarks with a question to each of you:

"What does today mean to you"?

For many of you it is about celebrating the achievement of these outstanding young people. For some of you students it means not having to deal with that 7:25 AM start time again. For others it might mean the retiring of your green and maroon fashions or never seeing a Falcon without thinking about your time at Green Hope. For you parents it might be a bit of an emotional time; torn between your pride in your child's accomplishments and the knowledge that your child will go off to college or a next venture in the fall.

Whatever it is that you are feeling today, one thing I am sure of is that everyone here today is filled with HOPE - hope for the future of these young people as they celebrate their accomplishments and move on to the next phase in their lives. Today the subject is hope in your future.

There is a famous quote which states:

"For those who have been given so much, much is asked"

Whether students or supporters, I have three "asks" for you.

The first ask is that you spend some time discovering what your strengths are and how you can use them to make you even more successful in the future. This might seem like a big "ask" but it is really quite simple to do.

What is the definition of strength? Some people will say that it is your unique talent, something that is really a part of you. Others will agree that it is something that you do well, that you are strong in. And still others just look at me with a blank stare when asked this simple question. 

Well, my definition of strength is:

What you do well and what you love to do

This is the intersection of your interests and abilities. So both for students, parents and supporters, the recipe for happiness is:

To do what you love to do, what you do well and find someone to pay you to do it.

And so, as you go on to the next phase of your life, please make discovering your strengths part of your development plan. Listen to how you are described by others. When others describe you, ask them clarifying questions. Ask some of your teachers and mentors what they think your strengths are....until you can agree with yourself on a short list of 3 to 5 strengths...what you do well and love to do. Then you simply have to find someone to pay you to use them.

My second "ask" is in the form of a question:

"What do you do when you make a mistake"?

The reason that I ask this is as you move forward to college or a job, if you are challenging yourself and taking responsible risks you could make a mistake. This could be a good thing as you will learn from the experience AND you will need a plan to deal with that situation. Unfortunately, it seems that in recent times we have too many examples of political, sports and corporate figures whose first reaction in the face of a mistake is emphatic denial. This type of reaction does nothing to move the situation forward. Denying something does not "make it go away" And most importantly, when faced with having made a mistake, true leaders take responsibility for their actions and are willing to be held accountable for the impact.

There are many great inspirational quotes about courage being the action of "doing the right thing even when no one is watching". Recovering from a mistake can be very similar to acting with courage. My formula for reacting to a mistake is a simple three step process. First, admit to it early and factually, and then let it go. Secondly, try to the best of your ability to make things right. Thirdly, learn from the experience and take an active approach to avoid doing the same thing again.

And so, as you go off into this next phase of your lives to explore new things and have new experiences, be ready to take responsible risks. If you happen to make a mistake, follow the simple process of admitting it, making it right and learning from the experience.

My third "ask" is in the form of a story. I am a professional business coach and have worked with more than 4000 business professionals. Many times people come to me with a challenge, we develop a plan of action and then they go and implement the plan. So whether it is that big meeting with their boss, an interview, or making a big sale, many times my clients will say that they had a little "Vickie" on their shoulder whispering in their ear. One of my clients coined the phrase "WWVD.....What Would Vickie Do"?

I tell this story because my third "ask" of you is to find a "safe friend". A friend whose values and judgment you admire and whom you can contact when you need to make a plan. As you go off to college or your first "real job" you may find situations that could be challenging for you...and not just work or study challenges. This is a time in your life when your independence will soar - you will be invited to parties and activities, and you will have the opportunity to really stretch outside your comfort zone alongside individuals who are new to you - and potentially a little scary. In these situations, communicate with your safe friend and make a plan. It is good for you to take responsible risks and to have someone in your corner who knows you and wants to help you live all that life will bring you in the next few years. Remember WWVD!!

I would like to close with one more story. Throughout my life whenever a new baby came into the family my Mother always embroidered a wall hanging that had a picture of birds hovering around a nest and some birds flying off. The caption read:

"Parents give their children feet to stand firmly on the ground and wings to fly to new adventures"

And so parents - rest assured that you have given your children a solid foundation, good values and instilled in them the ability to take responsible risks.....Now is the time to encourage them to exercise those wings...stretching, flying and soaring!

Students this is the time for you to soar...You have accomplished such fabulous things in your years at Green Hope and you have the next few years to grow learn and discover....to spread your wings and fly off to new worlds, with the courage to create your future.

Today we celebrate YOU. We all wish you new discoveries, even more accomplishments and mountains of smiles. May you be surprised and delighted at what you accomplish in the years to come.

Yours very truly,


Coach Vickie Bevenour


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