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November  2012

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November 2012


Being Thankful and Sharing your Thankfulness

It is the season of giving thanks. 
Imagine beyond the election, beyond the stress of the economic down-turn; when we stop focusing on all that we perceive is holding us back, there is a wholesome basis of GOOD remaining -- the simple things that are the source of joy. Those things for which we are thankful...

There are many things that make me happy. When I open my front door and find my 12-year old twin nephews with flowers in hand "just because"... when I'm afraid of a doctor's answer, and my friend wraps her arms around me...when I look at my darling husband and realize after all these years that I made the best choice in the world, and that I still adore the man I married...

How about you? Stop. Breathe. Consider the joys in your life. Sometimes I think we are aware of those things for which we are thankful, but we are so busy, we don't stop and ponder them...celebrate them..."tag them" as the miracles that they are...

Do you have a job that supports your family? Do you have a job that you enjoy -- most of the time? Do you know love…in your child, your partner, the memory of your parents or grandparents? Or a furry four-legged beast whose world starts and ends with you? What about those co-workers, employees and managers who make your life better and with whom you create great results? Or the joyous moments that take your breath away -- a double rainbow with the ocean as a backdrop, the colors of Autumn on a maple tree, stomping in rain puddles with a child, dancing to "the music in your head" with your love, or hearing the squeals of laughter when a child you love does something important...like riding a bike - for the first time.

When was the last time that you took substantial time to reflect on all those kinds of things? Not in a moment as you drive to work...or a fleeting thought as you squeeze in a run. A whole 10 minutes maybe - to reflect on what brings you joy? In today’s world, reflection seems like a lost art. We are always moving forward and always in need of more time.

Would you like to try the following Thanksgiving exercise?

Find a quiet moment, in a comfortable space, either alone or with those special people in your life and ask the following questions:

  1. What am I most thankful for this year?

  2. What have I done to show my thankfulness?

  3. What have I done to share the joy - to celebrate - my thankfulness?

  4. What have I done to make this world a better place?

What answers came up for you? Were they a surprise? What actions will you take as a result of your answers? How will your answers impact the way that you celebrate your Thanksgiving holiday?

What if you did this exercise with your work team? What do you think would be the outcome? My suggestion is that “reflection” of any kind in the work place is a great way to realize the amount of value that your team has provided. It is also a way to share and celebrate these results with thankfulness. It is a way to share the many, many worthy accomplishments and ensure they are not overpowered by the fears.

For me, I am thankful for so many things, among them are you: the loyal readers of this newsletter and all of my fabulous clients. Please accept my thanks to each and every one of you for the joy that you bring me by allowing me to be your partner in career success. Whether it is as a client or as a newsletter reader, providing you with the tools and watching as you begin developing your own leadership legacy, is one of those special moments in my life.

When I give thanks this season, it will be with joy in my heart. I hope you are celebrating that same joy now, and long in to your future.

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