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January 2012

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January 2012


Finishing Strong in 2012


A client gave me a copy of the book Finish Strong by Dan Green. She had been given a copy of the book years ago and this was her mantra for all of the successes (and some of the just getting through) parts of her life. The book gives many examples of finishing strong, such as:

  • The salesman who knew that he had to have 25 meaningful sales calls per day to make his quota. Each morning he would take 25 paper clips out of their holder. Every time he had a successful call he would move them back to the holder. There were days when everyone else was leaving the office and he still had two paper clips left…..what did he do? He stayed and made the two calls. He tripled his income in two years!

  • Ben Hogan, the golfing legend, was the first pro golfer to believe in the value of “practice”. When everyone else was in the Club House, he was on the driving range, beating balls until it turned dark. He retired with 64 professional victories and 9 Major titles.

  • Ray Kroc founded the McDonald’s chain by mortgaging everything that he had at age 52…we all know the end of that story.

  • In the 2004 Summer Olympics the worst of the worst happened to gymnast Paul Hamm. During his vault performance he under-rotated, missed his landing and caused him to almost fall off the platform; which pushed him down from an expected first place to twelfth place. Undeterred he “nailed” his next three performances and in a dramatic comeback he won the gold medal in men’s all-around by 0.012 points and became the first US man to win this title.

In the introduction of the book Dan Green writes:
“Finish Strong – to me, two words that more clearly define a call to action than any other two words in the English language. I challenge you to find two words that more absolutely define a performance objective. The words “finish strong” are pervasively used in our culture, and they are the perfect example of how the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. When you combine “Finish” with “Strong” you create a powerful platform for action…The media uses these words to describe the performance of everything from the stock market to stock car racing….And when faced with a challenge or adversity, I remind myself….Regardless of what came before or of what has yet to come, what matters most right now is how I choose to respond to the challenge before me. Will I lie down or will I fight? The choice is mine and I choose to Finish Strong.

The question for you is: How will you choose to Finish Strong in 2012? Congratulations by using this mindset you will make your performance in 2012 the best that it has ever been and you are deriving results from within.


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