Volume 10, Issue 2

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February 2012

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Written by: Vickie Bevenour, a Professional Certified Coach, PCC

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February 2012


Thriving in 2012 – Not Just Surviving


In late November, I was thrilled to receive a call from a marketing/communications professional whom I had coached a few years earlier. It was fabulous to catch up with her, and I was curious about the reason for her call…she explained soon enough.

Karen had worked for a small professional services firm during the last 12 years; working her way up to earn the position of Vice President of Marketing & Communications, and a member of the 8-person senior leadership team. After 12 fulfilling years, Karen was disappointed when the President of the group decided to retire. An exhaustive search ensued and the successor was installed in July. The new leader of Karen’s firm had a completely different “style” than his predecessor, and after several less than successful meetings with her new boss, Karen was so upset that she was in desperate need for some personal coaching.

In our first meeting, I hardly recognized Karen; her self-confidence was low, she doubted her value to the firm, and she was totally dismayed about her inability to develop a positive rapport with her new leader. With probing questions, trusting conversation and frank analysis we mutually agreed that the immediate problem was that the new President had the completely opposite communication style from Karen. I provided some communication style insights from many different resources, yet all were based on the “four quadrant” approach. Each time I gave an example of the President’s communication type, Karen would animatedly say “that’s him!”

When the conversation got quiet, and I asked Karen what she wanted to do, her response was disheartening. “I feel as if I will never get what I need, and he will never get what he needs, because we are so opposite.”  Always believing that one has the power to improve a situation, I set to work with Karen to develop four “survival tactics” specific to her situation. She had a meeting scheduled that day with her boss, and she promised to use the new meeting agenda and communication style modifications to drive success.

My heart truly went out to Karen, as she is excellent at what she does; she cares deeply for the firm and is a fabulous leader to her own 14-person team. Knowing that the meeting would be over with, I sent a follow-up email later that day and included a few additional tools for “next time.” Below is the note that I received back:


“Thank you for following up with these additional resources. My meeting went very well. As you suggested, I stuck with the agenda. I've also been thinking a lot since our meeting, and I'd like to focus our work together on identifying and setting goals for my future. I think our session was the final step in giving me what I needed to move past the fear and other negative emotions that I've been feeling. Now that I have understanding and context for what's been happening, I feel confident that my abilities and instincts can help me manage my current situation without so much personal cost.

I'm ready to work on THRIVING, not surviving!”

Here is the question for you:

Karen had allowed herself to be fall back into merely SURVIVAL mode when she couldn’t figure out how to fix the conflicting situation with her new boss. But with some analysis and application of well-thought out communication tools, she was able to take the step to move past all of the fear and negative emotion…past just survival. She is in THRIVING mode now.

This relates to last month’s newsletter which focused on the idea of finishing strong. The concept focuses on RIGHT NOW -- regardless of what came before (the “knowns” that can drag us down), or what mysteries are around the corner (the “unknowns” that cause us to worry), what matters most is our response to the challenge before us RIGHT NOW.

The choice was Karen’s, and she chose to Finish Strong. What will be your choice for the things in your life that are causing you to be merely in survival mode? What will it take to get you from surviving to THRIVING? As we asked last month the question for you is: How will you choose to Finish Strong in 2012? Congratulations; by using this mindset you will make your performance in 2012 the best that it has ever been, and you are deriving results from within.


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