Volume 9, Issue 4

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June / July 2011

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Written by: Vickie Bevenour, a Professional Certified Coach, PCC

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June / July 2011


What is Your Secret of Success?


Do you have a business hero? Do you have someone in your life that you believe exemplifies the traits of business success?

Hero worship…one of the easiest ways to study success and model it for ourselves. If you examine the careers of successful business leaders you can always find secret weapons. And if you look hard enough, you’ll discover that there is a universal secret weapon common to all. This secret “weapon of success” is having exemplary mentors to help you seek excellence as you journey forward in your career. Get over the “feeling” that having a mentor implies weakness. In today’s competitive world having a mentor is not a need, it is a smart strategy.

I have long been a proponent of mentoring and I am still amazed at how few business professionals avail themselves of this – one of the strongest and most reliable resources to help catapult a career forward is a personal guru, an advisor, a guide. Do you have a mentor? Have you developed mentoring relationships with several people over time?

Everyone who is reading this newsletter could have a mentor, a trusted advisor or counselor to guide you through the office politics and personal agendas. Here are seven easy steps to help you find and work with a mentor:

  1. Find the person in your industry that you most respect.

  2. Ask them to be your mentor.

  3. Explain to this person their time commitment for mentoring you (i.e. 60 minute meeting/call/ in person lunch every month) tell them what you need/expect.

  4. Explain to this person what being a mentor means to you (my strength is __________ and I want to find more opportunities to use it in my daily work.) I know that you excel in this area.

  5. Explain the top three reasons that you chose this person.

  6. Explain what success would look like and mean to you in the next six months.

  7. Enjoy the relationship and at the end of six months repeat the process starting at step one, perhaps with someone else as you have grown and excelled.

Having a mentor could be the greatest gift that you have in your career.

For those of you who are of an older and wiser vintage, are you asking yourself what could a mentor teach ME? Well…..in mentoring circles there is a term called “reverse mentoring”. That is, looking to someone outside of your circle to teach you something new. Examples of reverse mentoring could be:

  1. A younger person teaching a more mature person about using a new technology and/or social media.

  2. Asking a person from a different culture (race, socio-economic level) to teach someone about how it was growing up in that culture.

  3. Asking someone outside of your functional area (marketing, finance, R&D, manufacturing) to explain how something works or letting you “walk in their shoes” for a day.

  4. “Swapping” jobs for a day, like the hit television show Undercover Boss to increase learning and understanding.

Make no mistake that these are all situations where it is incumbent on you to ASK your mentor for the mentoring relationship. Just imagine the wealth of knowledge and skills that you could develop if you would simply ask. This is the secret weapon of all successful business professionals.
Congratulations, by taking this first step towards mentoring or reverse mentoring you are deriving results from within.

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