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January 2011

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January 2011


What does reaching your goal mean to you?


Last month’s newsletter discussed the concept of reflection before projection. Now that the holiday season is long gone, the question that must be asked is: “How did that concept work for you?” Did you actually take the time to reflect on 2010 before jumping head first into plans and goals for 2011? If you did not, please refer to my December newsletter at http://www.coachvickie.com/newsletters.htm. YES, it is that IMPORTANT to look back and analyze before you move forward.

If you are ready to move forward with your 2011 planning, please read on:

During the holiday break I read an article on goal setting that really resonated with me. The original article can be found at www.Oprah.com. The basic premise of this article is that most people set their goals both personal and professional in “nouns and verbs”. For example:

· I will communicate with my staff better
· I will lose 10 pounds in the next 3 months

These are laudable goals and are expressed in a manner that is “action” oriented. The premise in this article is to convert these goals into “adjectives”. The point of this is to express your goal in words that explain how you might FEEL when the goal is accomplished. The underlying argument in the article is that we are more motivated to meet our goals when there is a “feeling or experience” compelling us to succeed.

For example:

Instead of saying that you will “communicate more with your staff”; ask yourself what the purpose of communicating better with your staff is. The answers could range from:

  • So that I only have to say something once rather than seven times.
  • So that I can prove that I am a good leader and help move my staff to do great things.
  • So that my staff can have great two-way communication and they will really feel heard.

Which one would be motivating to you?

Consider the second goal, “I will lose 10 pounds in the next 3 months”. Ask yourself what losing 10 pounds might mean to you. The “adjective” goal could be:

  • I will lose 10 pounds so that my ____________ (mother, husband, doctor) will stop bothering me about it.
  • I will lose 10 pounds so that I look better than __________ (my friend, movie star, my sister).
  • I will lose 10 pounds because I am strong, I value myself and I can do it.
  • I will lose 10 pounds so that I can get off my medication for ___________ (heart, blood pressure, diabetes)

There is no right or wrong answer here – the only right answer is the one that truly motivates YOU to take action and complete the goal. After all, how WILL you feel when there is 10 pounds less of you by April?

Motivation is the key to many human behaviors. In this concept feelings or experiences are the motivators. So if you are having trouble motivating yourself or your team; start thinking in terms of adjectives. What do you want to experience when this goal is accomplished? What will your team feel when they have reached a group-led goal?

Congratulations, you may have unlocked the secret to motivation in 2011 by deriving results from within.

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