Volume 9, Issue 7

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December  2011

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Written by: Vickie Bevenour, a Professional Certified Coach, PCC

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December 2011


What Is Your Measure of Success?


In this chaotic world of conflicting priorities, hundreds of electronic messages and seemingly endless deadlines; what is your barometer for time management? Do you decide based on: due date, urgency, requestor’s importance or who asks the loudest?

In your social life, especially during this Holiday season, what priorities rank highest as you decide how to spend your time? Do you decide based on: family obligations, work duties, children’s enjoyment or what you have always done?

Recently I worked with Mario, a successful entrepreneur who built a business, sold it, and is now looking for his next career opportunity. He is in the enviable position of having three resources: time, business knowledge and money. Therefore he is constantly being approached by people with business ideas in which, they hope to convince him to make an investment. While he has experience assessing the business viability of every new deal presented to him, he is struggling with his own personal “measure of success”. Said another way, the questions he is asking himself are:

Which of the business ideas will:

  • Ignite my passion?

  • Provide the ideal environment for me?

  • Enable me to work with people I like?

  • Enable me to use my strengths?

  • Enable me to keep life balance?

  • Enable me to teach others from my previous experience?

Just as Mario is struggling, my question to you is: What is YOUR “measure of success”?

Once you determine your personal measure of success, you can use this tool to determine: work priorities, life balance, invitations accepted, projects/jobs to pursue and leisure/volunteer activities.

This type of clarity can be used in many aspects of your life. I would suggest that you think about YOUR measure of success for a happy Holiday season. Is it:

  • Having perfect decorations?

  • Sending out lots of cards?

  • Creating the perfect meal?

  • Bringing loved ones together?

  • Attending religious/community services?

  • Re-connecting with friends, family colleagues?

  • Sitting quietly with family?

  • Playing/enjoying your children?

  • Creating/attending parties?

Now that you have the “secret” of clarity in terms of your personal measure of success, let’s see you use the tool to increase your personal happiness during this Holiday season. This is also a tool to use as you think about your plans for the New Year. Ask yourself what your measure of success is, and how can you get more of this in your work? Congratulations, you are on your way to having the best Holiday season ever and to making the best New Year’s Plan that you have ever created by using your measure of success for clarity and deriving results from within.

I close this last newsletter of 2011 with heartfelt gratefulness to YOU – the readers. It is my honor to be a part of your lives and I thank you for the opportunity to make an impact on your professional path. Wishing each of you a very Happy Holiday Season and a mountain of success in the New Year.

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