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January 2010

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Written by: Vickie Bevenour, a Professional Certified Coach, PCC

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January 2010

What is Your Reward for Your Winning Season?

Last month we examined the concept of �Reflection before Projection�. Did you have a nice Holiday break? Did you take the time to reflect? Did you build your plans for 2010 only after that reflection?

In this newsletter, we will reflect on your personal performance in 2009 and also discuss your reward in 2010. Have you taken the time to reflect and document your past year�s performance? Have you had your annual review yet? Have you conducted annual reviews with your staff? I would like to relate a conversation that I had recently with Sandra, a Senior Director in a local pharmaceutical firm.

Sandra: �Vickie, did I tell you that my review with my Manager is scheduled for this Friday?�

Vickie: �Sandra, how are you feeling about this meeting?�

Sandra: �Oh I�m feeling great. I had a great year, I accomplished more than what we had planned and have documented the many IMPACTS that I and my team had on the organization. The meeting should be fine.�

Vickie: �Sandra, you�re right you had a fabulous year. I would like to ask you whether this review is simply about reporting on your performance (reflection) or is it also a meeting to look forward (projection) especially when it comes to your career?�

Sandra: �Its purpose is both.�

Vickie: �If that�s the case then what is it that you want?�

Sandra: Sigh�..Silence.

Vickie: �Sandra, this is a case where the sports analogy works very well. You and your team had a winning season, you won most of your games, you built the team and they came together under your leadership and even made the playoffs. After all of this work what do YOU want? What is your reward? What is your prize?�

Sandra: �I never thought about it like that. In the corporate world the answer many times is something about the reward being, keeping your job.�

Vickie: �Yes, I have heard that and lived through it too. I am suggesting that you might want to challenge that mindset. So let me ask you again, what reward do you want for your winning season?�

Sandra: �In all honesty, I want a promotion to Vice President.�

Vickie: �Then what is stopping you from asking for that?�

Sandra: �Nothing, except humility and fear.�

Vickie: �Let�s brainstorm how you can most comfortably ask for your reward for a winning season.�

The question for YOU is: what do YOU want as a reward for your winning season? It does not have to be as formal as a promotion. Please take the next ten minutes and brainstorm the answer to this question: �What is it that you have always wanted and never took the time to ask for?� Below is a list to help you get started, you could ask for:
  • Leadership of a specific project that particularly interests you, that might shine a spotlight on you and may be out of your direct group.
  • Attending a specific development opportunity, an industry meeting or going to a motivational speaker/meeting.
  • Hiring a professional coach for the next six months to help you move from good to great performance and set you up for a winning season in 2010.
  • Time off to rejuvenate. Taking an appropriate number of �comp� days and doing whatever will truly regenerate your heart, soul and mind.
  • Getting that �thing� that will make your coming year less stressful: a gym membership, an office, a reserved parking place, an executive assistant or an administrative person (permanent or temporary) for your group.
  • A trip to visit your most important customer or supplier, especially if they are located in a place where you could take a few days and relax, visit with friends/family or simply enjoy the local sights.

Remember, capable and successful leaders will continue to take on the challenges of leadership and will not hesitate to request a �reward�. This reward will function both as a personal reward for the past years� hard work AND function to better serve the team, which is a WIN-WIN situation. If the reward you listed above will function to both improve team performance and satisfy you as the team leader, it is time to stop simply reflecting and PROJECT the reward. Simply stated, figure out the benefit of what you are asking for, and ASK FOR IT!

Congratulations, you are well on your way to becoming more successful by asking for what you want and deriving results from within.

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