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 Volume 7, Issue 6

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September  2009

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September 2009

Being the Best in the World    

Marisa is a change agent. She is one of those people with the unique skill of being able to, in a sense, see the future. In �strengths-language� Marisa is an Activator. She is able to see the path of change necessary for her organization to excel. Furthermore she can quickly and efficiently apply that vision to ensure her organization�s continued excellence.

Recently though, Marisa was tired and losing her motivation. She felt alone; as if she was single-handedly changing the course of her organization while everyone else watched. Or worse yet, they fought her direction. During this trying time I shared with her a quote that inspired me: �The price of progress is the pain of change, I am willing to endure the pain�.

Marisa knew, after hearing the quote, that it was her choice to endure the pain of change. That led us into a discussion of why she was hired. She was hired to do what she does best, to change the organization.

For those of you who are currently stuck, unmotivated, searching or simply wanting to be �the best�, I urge you to ask yourself �why was I hired?�

I recently read the book The Dip by Seth Godin. I shared the premise with Marisa, to illustrate the choice that she has: to endure the pain of change or chose to walk away. According to Godin most business situations can be described by one of three types of curves:

  1. The Cul-de-Sac or the dead end. This is described as no matter how much effort is expended the result will be no measurable progress forward. An example of this could be working in an organization that is in a decline and the end of the organization is inevitable.
  2. The Cliff, which is a situation that goes along very well for a long while and then falls off a steep cliff. An example of this could be a highly successful professional who has been groomed to be the next VP of Sales, but in the back of his mind he always knew that the Founder would put his son in that position at any minute.
  3. The Dip, which is a situation that has great long-term potential but at the current moment is extremely stressful and/or painful. An example of this could be our story of Marisa.

Next Godin asks the question: Do you want to be the best in the world? He proposes that if you are diagnosed with cancer you go straight to the �best� doctor. When you visit a new town you ask the concierge for the �best� restaurant, when you hire a new employee you ask the recruiter for the �best� candidate. Average is never requested. This being said�.do YOU want to be the BEST in YOUR world? When you catch yourself being �average� you have two choices: quit or become exceptional.

Godin says that to be the best in the world you need to simply be able to do the following two things:

  1. Determine which of the three curves applies to your situation.
  2. Find the guts to do something about your situation.

If you ask yourself these questions and you find that your situation is either a Cul-de-Sac or a Cliff then Godin highly recommends quitting. In both of these situations, there is no long-term positive potential. On the other hand, if you find yourself in the Dip and you want to be your best, the recommendation is to push through the Dip, push through the short term stress and pain to get to the long-term potential and gain. Never quit something that has great long-term potential just because you can not deal with the stress of the moment.

This is what Marisa and her team needed to do! They had put the correct strategic vision in place and needed to push through the momentary negative pushback from the rest of the organization.

Next month we will talk more about quitting the dead ends and the Cliffs. For now, getting through your current Dip may mean increasing your efforts to get to your strategic goal to be the best that you can be. Congratulations, you have taken the next step to deriving results from within.

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