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November  2009

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Written by: Vickie Bevenour, a Professional Certified Coach, PCC

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November 2009

With Much Gratitude to YOU    

Every year at the end of November in the United States we celebrate Thanksgiving. A time when we reflect and celebrate all of the good things in our lives. As such, for this November issue, I would like to reflect and celebrate YOU, my loyal readers of this newsletter.

Thank you to all of YOU the readers who take the time to read these messages each month. It is an honor for me when I get a subscribe request because one of YOU thought that the newsletter message would be helpful to a colleague or friend and they liked it so much that they decided to subscribe.

It is an honor for me when you take the time to write me a note because the current message was especially meaningful for YOU. These messages come in so many different ways, for example, in the past year I have received correspondence from:

A reader whom I have not heard from in more than a year; they write to say that they always enjoy the newsletters and that this current message has inspired them to take action.

From someone that I see often; they write me that they were struggling with an issue in their career and that the newsletter message helped to clarify their next steps.

A reader whom I know only peripherally; they write me to say that they had a particularly terrible situation with a client, manager or co-worker and the current message helped them look at the situation in a different light and saved the relationship.

Many kind readers who take the time to send me a note of praise:

  • �Your ideas and newsletters have been so instrumental in providing guidance during my career transition.�
  • �You have such a great talent for inspiring so many people and your coaching definitely comes from your heart.�
  • �Thank you for sharing your warm spirit and your powerful gift of powerful suggestion.�
  • �Thank you so much for including me on your newsletter. This latest one in particular about courage spoke to me. It inspired me to take some action I have been putting off for one reason or another. Thanks for your inspiration!�
  • �You do not know me, but I tremendously enjoy your monthly e-mail (thanks to the gracious forwarding of my colleague). Your newsletters always are inspiring, as well as thought provoking. I especially appreciate the references to new business books, which for me is a challenge to identify and select (too many books and not enough time!).�

Lest you think that I do not have a message for you this month � I do. Please ask yourself, �How did I feel when I read this?� Did it make you smile because you recognized yourself? Did you feel good because I am so thankful your support? Did it remind you that you have wanted to forward a newsletter to a colleague who is struggling with a certain issue?

The message today is about gratitude. During this month of Thanksgiving, how will you demonstrate the gratitude that you feel to those in your professional circle? How will you thank those who have helped make you successful this year? Sincerity is the watchword when it comes to expressing gratitude. Thanks can be as simple as a thank you note, an unhurried telephone call with words of praise and thanks, or a few heart felt sentences of gratitude at the end of a meeting.

I was recently talking with a Vice President of Sales who was sharing his team motto with me. It was �Hungry, Humble and Ethical�. When I asked him how he thanked his team for a job well done his face went blank. I wondered if his team felt that their motto was �Hungry, Humble, Ethical and Unappreciated?�

As managers and leaders my suggestion to us all is �let�s get personal� this month and make a commitment to ourselves that we will make a conscious effort to thank those around us who make a difference.

Congratulations, YOU will be making your own difference by getting results that you have derived from within.

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If you like the tip, let us know but more important, share it with a friend or colleague. As always, YOUR SUCCESS IS MY GREATEST PLEASURE.

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