Volume 7, Issue 4

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May / June 2009

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Written by: Vickie Bevenour, a Professional Certified Coach, PCC

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May / June 2009

Are You Stuck?    

Have you ever felt like you were �stuck�?  Have you ever said �if only ______________ would happen���(my boss would understand me, the economy would get better, my co-workers would understand my point of view, my customers would start buying again) then I could move on with ______________ (my current project, my career, my life, my next step).�

I recently read an article entitled �The ah-ha moment�. In it a very successful TV sitcom star told the following story.  She had gone to a very elegant and plush SPA.  Part of her treatment was to go into an �old fashioned� steam cabinet where only her head was exposed.  Once the attendant was assured that she was comfortable, the attendant left the room. Our star began to feel claustrophobic.  She knew that she was �locked-in� and therefore began to self-administer panic attack calming techniques.  She tried to imagine that she was flying, free as a bird, she tried to do deep breathing relaxation techniques, at one point she almost allowed herself to succumb to an unconscious state.  At that moment the attendant returned and cheerfully told her that her time was up. When the totally depleted star asked the attendant to unlock the cabinet � she replied clearly that there was no lock and that whenever she was ready, she could get out. 

  • What was holding our TV star back?
  • What was it about her thinking that made her believe that she was �locked-in�?
  • What was it that was buried deep in her belief system that made her believe that she was not in control? 
  • Where did her fear come from, that was so deep that she could not (or would not) see any alternatives?

Are you in a �career stall�, a career transition or are you simply �stuck� with moving a project forward?  If so, how do you get over the feeling that there is a latch and you are locked in? Whenever you are in a situation that YOU FEEL trapped, ask yourself the questions above. If you catch yourself spinning out of control remember there is no latch, you are not locked in.  All you have to do is to gently push and you will be free to examine all of the options.  There is always an alternative to every situation; you simply must search for it.

Congratulations, you have taken the next step to deriving results from within.

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