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April 2009

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Written by: Vickie Bevenour, a Professional Certified Coach, PCC

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April 2009

Hard Work is not Enough, You Need to Tell Others about Your Results    

Whether you are happily employed in this recessionary economy, you are in career transition or you are looking for a better working situation, please remember one thing�.YOU are in control.

In the last few newsletters we have discussed precisely communicating what you are good at (your personal strengths) and how using these strengths have enabled you to maximize your performance.  Some of the past titles have been*:

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  • What is Your Professional Image? (December 2008)
  • How do You Show Your Thankfulness? (November 2008)
  • Where Do You Find Your Courage? (October 2008)
  • Your Personal Gold Medal (August 2008)

Many times I get emails back from readers telling me how they put the advice into practice and what results they achieved.  With their permission, I would like to share with you some of these success stories:

�Vickie, these are great words of wisdom.  I have only written a few notes in my professional career and they have always made a big impact on those people. One person told me that in all of his 25+ years of business that was the first hand-written note of thanks that he had ever received.  After that he became my best customer.  Thanks for the reminder!�

�Vickie, I just wanted to tell you that about a month ago you suggested that I send one last follow up letter to the District Manager at the Pharmaceutical Company that I was so interested in. So I did, despite the reject email that I had just received directly from the company.  Well, she just sent me an email requesting my resume for a GI specialty position in Raleigh�yeah.�

�I have an update for you.  I sent a draft of the newsletter article to the person who, at the time, had been my boss for seven months.  He wanted to know what our meeting was about so I thought that was a good way to explain it.  He had just accepted another position (our team is going through a lot of downsizing right now). He forwarded it to his boss, who is actually the Manager who hired me last summer.  She was preparing to change jobs herself and was approached by a Business Unit Manager who was looking for someone who could lead his training and quality effort. Having just received the article, she took my resume and passed it along. Last week I was offered that position and will start next week.  I learned a huge lesson�.that is�we must promote ourselves in this economic climate, because it is the only way to get noticed.�

For more than two years I have been working with a gentleman who was a contractor to a Federal Agency. We started with him building short, concise strengths statements and using them at least once a day.  After six months we started adding his successful results statements and he began to tell people these specific statements as often as possible.  Just recently he was given a permanent position.  The email announcement came out and others began replying with the appropriate congratulations. Even then, he still continued to precisely communicate with others what his strengths are and what his results have been.  See below:

"Hey Vickie - Thought you might be interested in my response to a message from our Director.  I start my new role next Monday and I believe this to be one of the best career moves I have ever made.  Many thanks to you and your insightful help in negotiating each step in the process.  Couldn't have done it without you!�

Below is his response to the congratulatory note from the Director.

�Thank you for your kind words.  Taking on tough projects is strength of mine and it was truly a pleasure to deliver positive results in the _____Program that reflect favorably on the Agency.  From Red to Green on the Scorecard in one year!  As a Federal Employee I intend to expand on this performance with the __________ Team and other challenging projects central to our future success.  I look forward to working with ____________to make sure we knock every project "Out of the Park."

While each of these situations was significant for the person reporting back to me, there is an underlying concept that deserves to be repeated.  Any self promotion that you can do, no matter how small, no matter how subtle, no matter how creative, no matter how factual, is critical.  The second concept to keep in mind is that you need to do this more than once, more than twice, I suggest that you target once a day.

For we mere humans this is hard.  I will confess that when I received the comments referenced above, even I hesitated and asked three of my trusted colleagues whether I really �should� share these successes or whether it was too much.  Of course they answered with a resounding �yes�.

The bottom line is: You are in control of what people think about you.  You are in control of what happens to you in your career. Step up and begin to precisely communicate to your world what you are good at and how you can benefit them and their organization.

Congratulations, you have taken the next step to deriving results from within.

*To review any of these past newsletters, please visit the Newsletter section of www.CoachVickie.com

If you like the tip, let us know but more important, share it with a friend or colleague. As always, YOUR SUCCESS IS MY GREATEST PLEASURE.

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