Volume 6, Issue 10

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December  2008

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Written by: Vickie Bevenour, a Professional Certified Coach, PCC

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December 2008

What is Your Professional Image?    

When your name is mentioned, what do people say about you?  What image comes to their mind? What feelings do you invoke? In short, what is your professional brand?

In today’s marketplace, your professional brand is even more important than ever.  There are many studies that suggest your visual appearance, mannerisms and communication style is what you are first judged on.  First impressions get us through the door that will follow the path to concrete success.

Robert, a Marketing and Communications executive has a small team of highly motivated professionals.  Robert reports directly to the President of a privately held firm.  His star player, John, is technically competent and tenacious when it comes to delivering results. Yet, the President, the VP of Sales, and the Account Executive for their largest Client has requested that John never interface with this Client.  That means John can not attend technical demonstrations, nor trade shows.  In essence, there is no way for John to showcase his brilliance.  The reason: John’s personal packaging suggests that he is sloppy and shows little respect for those around him.

This is not the first time that John has gotten this type of feedback.  What does this mean for John’s long term success with this company?  What does this mean for John’s long term success with any company?

Please ask yourself, even if you are currently wildly successful:

  • What is the one thing that I could “shore up” just a little, that would make a difference?
  • Over my career what feedback have I gotten that I haven’t taken to heart as much as I should have?
  • What is the one personal development item that I keep putting off?
  • What is the one habit that I should break myself of,  (for example: biting my nails, interrupting or talking over people, not listening, being too negative, messy office or cube, arriving late to appointments)?

Go ahead; make an early New Year’s resolution to “shore up” one thing that will increase the return on investment (ROI) of your professional brand.

Congratulations, you have taken the next step to deriving results from within.


I would personally like to thank each of you for your readership in this past year.  These newsletters are meant to be helpful to you; to provide you with a moment of reflection and practical techniques for maximizing your success.

Wishing you and those close to you, a Joyous Holiday Season and a New Year filled with contentment.

If you like the tip, let us know but more important, share it with a friend or colleague. As always, YOUR SUCCESS IS MY GREATEST PLEASURE.

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