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August 2007

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Written by: Vickie Bevenour, a Professional Certified Coach, PCC

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August 2007


In last month’s newsletter we talked about tips for successful Delegation. In addition to the questions we discussed last time, I use the acronym DANE when working with business professionals who are desperate to learn how to effectively delegate. DANE stands for Delegate, Automate, Negotiate and Eliminate. I received much feedback on this subject and determined that more tactical discussion is warranted. Consequently, four tactical tools are presented below to maximize productivity when you delegate.

  1. Find an assistant. In today’s world where everyone is connected and everyone has a laptop, do you really need an Assistant? You have the tools to do it all yourself…right?  Well maybe not quite.  Dennis came to our last meeting simply fraught with details hanging off every aspect of his work life.  When questioned about his concerns, he tried to put it into words, “Coach Vickie, I need someone to help organize me! I need someone to make phone calls, do research, do simple correspondence, get my files in order and follow up on all of the office details.”  My answer was, “Dennis, you need an Administrative (Executive) assistant.”  Once he made this a priority, his world became more organized. Details were taken care of and the simple tasks of daily business life were done correctly and in a timely fashion. Think about it…do you need to hire, borrow, or get a temporary Assistant to help get you organized and ready to do what you do best? It needn’t be a full time job.  You would be amazed at the level of organization that an Assistant, even for four hours a week, can bring to your world.
  2. Develop your Organization based on individuals’ strengths.  I recently met an Attorney who told me that she had eight people in her office and that she was the only Attorney.  She was the only revenue generator in the office, yet was able to sustain the other seven; each of whom expertly performed the tasks that they do best, each of whom love what they do. How might you reorganize to match natural strengths with output?
  3. Hire a Virtual Assistant.  In our virtual world, an Assistant does not have to sit outside your office door to be effective.  I have an awesome Virtual Assistant that helps me produce these newsletters every month. If you want a recommendation, please contact me. Do you have a task that is repetitive at a specific interval of time, such as a monthly report, presentation or brochure? A Virtual Assistant is perfect for handling that task and is capable of much more.
  4. Use Technology to your advantage.  As a result of my last newsletter, I received an email from a very successful Financial Planner.  He uses a recording and transcription service. He calls over the phone and it writes down all that he says in an email.  It is a very low cost outsourced service.  For example, on the way home from a meeting, he calls and explains the meeting, the outcome and the future actions. The resulting email can be sent to the client or saved in their files.

Congratulations, getting creative in finding ways to maximize your productivity is the first step to deriving results from within.

If you like the tip, let us know but more important, share it with a friend or colleague. As always, YOUR SUCCESS IS MY GREATEST PLEASURE.

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