Volume 5, Issue 3

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April 2007

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Written by: Vickie Bevenour, a Professional Certified Coach, PCC

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April 2007


As a Business Coach, emerging organizational business trends become obvious to me as I work with individuals from different organizations to maximize their performance and make their life better.  Recently, I have had top business leaders requesting help on delegation.  I responded that I have several tools for successful delegation that I would share with them (and you in future newsletters) and before we deploy these tools, there is something that needs to be addressed.


Discipline is defined by Webster’s Dictionary as, “control gained by enforcing order, prescribed or orderly pattern of behavior, a system of rules governing conduct or activity, training that molds moral character.”  In essence, one can not be a successful delegator without being disciplined.  Therefore, the precursor to successful delegation is successful discipline; self-discipline with razor sharp focus on your goals. This brings to mind the concept of “the slight edge” that I have written about in the past.

The idea is all about “the slight edge

Everyday we make many choices.  Making the “right” decision, every time, even on the smallest of things, is what will give you “the slight edge”.  Making small decisions and taking the first step that will inch you towards your goal will ultimately catapult you far forward. 

Think about the decisions that you made in the last week.  Hopefully they went something like this:

  • “I will call that customer who had the product problem to see if they are happy with the resolution.”
  • “I will take a solid hour first thing this morning to tackle that difficult budget issue.”
  • “I will leave a voice mail for the person who coordinated the meeting and thank them for a job well done.”
  • “Instead of waiting for tomorrow, I will work out today.”
  • “I will have the salad instead of the cheeseburger for lunch.”
  • “I will avoid all interruptions for the first two hours of my day and deliver the report early." 

By taking the first small step everyday, and many of them, you will begin to create positive energy.  Energy is truly an amazing thing! The more positive the energy is, the easier it is to build on it, to duplicate the movement and to get things done. Every time you have a decision to make, take the high road: take the single step that moves you closer to your ultimate goal.  Be relentless, do not stop, and build on your last positive decision. You will be amazed at how quickly your first steps compound into great accomplishments.

Congratulations, you have taken the first step to deriving results from within.

If you like the tip, let us know but more important, share it with a friend or colleague. As always, YOUR SUCCESS IS MY GREATEST PLEASURE.

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