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May 2006

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May 2006 

The First Step to Building the Life that you Really Want

Recently I went on a professional retreat, in the form of time at the beach to reflect.  There were no phones, computer, email or any business responsibilities for six days.  It was initially difficult to do (the laptop and treo were intentionally left at home) but the benefits of the time for deep thought and reflection were huge.

Are you struggling with your career or current “place” in life?  If so, I strongly suggest that you take some time for reflection. Each of us can carve out two hours of quiet time, somewhere, somehow.  Once you get there, if you need some help reflecting, ask yourself this one question, over and over again, at least ten times: “What do I really want?”  Write each answer down on paper.  Dig deep, don’t stop, don’t get side tracked, push yourself to answer the question ten times and write each answer down.  Whew….that was a tough assignment.  But hang on, we are not finished. Do the same exercises again within a three week period and this time do it with a partner (a spouse, a friend, a coach).  Have your partner play the “devil’s advocate”.  You ask the question “what do I want?” and answer it.  Then your partner asks you “what is preventing you from having that?” Ten times!!!

How did you do? My supposition is that your final answer to both questions was very specific and most probably about: living your values, using your strengths or doing some thing that is of great interest to you.  The first and sometimes most difficult step to making a choice or solving a problem, is to define exactly what it is that you REALLY want.  This technique of asking the same question multiple times is useful in any problem-solving situation. Deciding on what you want and defining what is your goal is the first step to a successful outcome. 

The next several newsletters will address helpful hints, tactics and suggestions for getting you positioned to live the life that you sincerely want.  Congratulations, you have taken a huge step towards Deriving Results from Within.


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