Volume 3, Issue 9
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Oct/Nov 2005
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Written by: Vickie Bevenour

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The RDW Group, Inc. - Results Newsletter - Oct/Nov 2005

Whose Hero are You?

For the past three months we have been analyzing what constitutes a hero. To finish this series, I would like to relate a personal discovery that I recently made.

This year my parents both turned 80 years old. In the past, I organized large gatherings in their honor to celebrate their milestone birthdays. This year they requested a more quiet celebration. As a memento of the occasion I decided to assemble a “memory book”. I sent out a form of sorts with three questions on it to family/friends, requesting that they dig deep in their hearts and memories, respond to the questions on the form and return them all to me. One of the questions was “What is your fondest memory of each of my parents?” The responses started arriving, some made me laugh, some made me cry and they all made it into the book. Mission accomplished…almost.

It finally occurred to me that it was my turn to scribe my entry for the memory book…I now had to put pen to paper and try to sort through the kaleidoscope of memories of each of the most special people in the world to me. Panic set in. I wanted it to be something memorable, witty, serious and my best piece of writing ever. (No pressure there at all!) As I usually do, I pondered for a long time and finally decided to simply write from my heart. Here is the result of what I created for my Father:

Dad, thank you for always telling me over the years, “Vic, you be the first one to buy the cup of coffee.” That one simple phrase embodies all the unspoken but constant elements of your character, Dad. You have always been the one to buy the first cup of coffee…and in doing so you, in your own quiet but strong example, taught me how to be kind, giving, respectful and gracious. That is now the theme by which I have lived both my professional and personal life.

We recently went to a show that was a Frank Sinatra review. Hearing the song “My Way” reminded me so much of you and how you have lived your life. It also made me think of what it is that you have given to me, your daughter. You taught me to be gracious, kind, giving and respectful, and to balance that with never compromising my honesty and integrity. Just by being you, I learned to have fun, to laugh, to live life and also to work hard, to be dedicated, never sell out and to keep it all in balance. Thank you for being my hero, simply by living your life “Your Way”.

I am sure that my Father never knew that one little phrase about coffee would be so meaningful nor likely did he realize that it has influenced me to the degree that it has. He will be very surprised when he reads this. Yes, I discovered that my Father is my hero.

Here is the challenge for all of us. During this season of re-connecting with family and friends take a minute and look around and ask yourself. “Whose hero am I?” Who is imitating your behavior? You never really know…there are so many moments in time; those sincere acts of kindness, or that one complimentary sentence, those simple things can make you a hero. Don’t wait, go out into the world today and be a hero.

Congratulations, you have taken a huge step towards deriving results from within.

If you like the tip, let us know but more important, share it with a friend or colleague. As always, YOUR SUCCESS IS MY GREATEST PLEASURE.

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