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“Harnessing the Strengths of Business Professionals through one-on-one coaching, to maximize and sustain top performance.”


Coach Vickie Bevenour

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Welcome to CoachVickie.com

"You can not teach a man anything, you can only help him find it within himself." These encouraging words from Galileo inspired and motivated Vickie Bevenour, president of the RDW Group, to form her own company. Vickie's biggest strength is her unconditional dedication and results-oriented approach to the mission behind the company's initials.

RDW - Results Derived from Within.

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The RDW Group provides Business Coaching to successful business professionals who want to make a move from good performance to excellent results. Coach Vickie is the catalyst for you to make permanent changes that will result in achieving and sustaining top performance. Meeting and exceeding your potential, in order to perform at your best, is Coach Vickie's only focus.

How Can Business Coaching Help You?

Business Coaching is a relationship that provides a safe, honest, non-judgmental environment in which to objectively analyze what is preventing you from achieving the results that you want. A coach will provide you with methods to overcome what hinders you from achieving your goals. Just as sports professionals work with a coach to achieve peak performance; business professionals work with a coach to achieve top performance. Some examples of how coaching can help you are:

  • Leverage your scarce time
  • Accelerate your performance
  • Enhance your personal communication power
  • Overcome self limiting responses in specific situations
  • Find balance

Make a wise investment in your self, your career and your company by achieving results through working with Coach Vickie. Call or email for a complimentary coaching experience to see the difference it will make in your career.

Coaching For Success

Work can be exhilarating. Work can be disheartening. Have you gotten that big promotion only to find it a monster to manage? Is your manager missing in action or micromanaging you? Are you unable to say "no"? Do you feel like no one is hearing you? Is your family shocked when you come home for dinner?

Coaching is immediately beneficial when you find yourself in one of these situations:

  • Career Transition
  • Difficult Managers/Associates
  • Working Too Many Hours
  • Sustaining Good Performance with Less
  • Poor Performing Teams
  • Overwhelmed by the Chaos

Get back on track. Put more balance and productivity in your life. Make a commitment to yourself to change and improve YOUR LIFE. Going it alone is difficult and time consuming. A professional partner will help you develop the creative options you need. Coach Vickie is that professional.


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