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May, 2015

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May 2015  One Word Professional Women Should NEVER Use 


Several years ago my Manager, Debra and I attended a presentation given by my peer. The woman giving the talk was competent and imparted some useful information. What I vividly remember is the reaction that Debra had at her closing comments. When she finished what was considered a successful talk, her last sentence was "And this is just
my opinion." I remember Debra being extremely upset and explaining to me that with that final phrase she had destroyed all the credibility that she had built up over the past 30 minutes. It had never occurred to me that one small word-just-could so negatively affect a listener. We English-speaking people use the word just a lot -try going for one week without saying it. This was such a strong lesson that even though it was years ago, I never forgot it; to this day I cringe when I hear a smart person subjugate himself or herself with one simple word.

What would happen if you banished the word just from your vocabulary?
By using this word as filler, you will immediately defeat your effort,
leaving your listener with the impression that you feel what you've
done is not enough or significant. See the examples below:

● That is just my opinion.
● I just wanted to say...
● Oh, it was just a negotiation meeting.
● We were just working on the national sales plan.
● My greatest accomplishment was just the big sale to IBM.
● I just have a master's degree.

Since that time I have been acutely aware of how many times the word just is used in conversation. It is sad that women tend to use the word just much more than men do. The next time that you are at a conference or a meeting and a woman stands up to ask a question or to make a comment notice the language that she uses. It has been my experience that at least 50 percent of the time, she will start by saying, "I just wanted to say," "I just have a question," or "I just want to ask. "What makes us believe that we need to be so demeaning? to ourselves? Don't we have a right to be in this place and ask our question? Yet we telegraph through our language and one little word that we do not believe that we have a place at the table. Please become aware of your language and stop using the word just.

Congratulations by banishing the word just from your vocabulary you will take the next step to unleashing your Inner Leader.


Coach Vickie Bevenour



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