Volume 10, Issue 5

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Aug / Sept  2012

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Written by: Vickie Bevenour, a Professional Certified Coach, PCC


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August / September 2012


Do You Have Your Story?

In last month’s newsletter we discussed reinventing yourself by getting back to your core. You can begin the process of “getting back to your core” by asking yourself:

  • What is it that sets me apart from my peers? 

  • What strengths do I use to drive results? 

  • What are my biggest success stories? 

We then followed with an exercise of writing your success stories in the format of Challenge, Action, Result -- we call these CAR stories.

How did you do? Admittedly, this is not an easy task. But as a friend and peer once said to me, you can think about something forever, but until you actually do something, TRANSFORMATION will never happen.

For the self-disciplined who did the exercise last month, did you see any patterns in your CAR statements? For those who may not have completed the exercise, try a few now.

  • Perhaps you recognize that you have the skill to see a problem before it really becomes a problem...

  • Or perhaps your solutions to problems are very innovative - no ho-hum for you!

  • Is it obvious that your relationships are the primary drivers of your results? 

By identifying these patterns, you can "get back to your core" by realizing what it is that you are really good at, and then you can look to do more of that in the future. Your CAR statements will become part of the foundation for your Personal Brand. 


In this issue I would like to provide you with more real life examples of CAR statements. I am working with Carl to help him determine his CAR patterns. It turns out that he had several CAR statements where he and/or his team kept running into obstacles and he was able to turn those obstacles into positive results. It seems that telling Carl’s story might be helpful to those who are struggling with their CARs.

Carl had developed a process for adding approval of countries that his new software would support. The process called for adding countries once a year and it had been running smoothly for five years. Enter a new International Product Manager who wanted to circumvent the process and add two more countries immediately. Rather than fighting him, Carl negotiated with him that his team could do all of the prep work and together they could meet with the inside and outside counsels to get the approval. The result was that the product team got what they wanted and absorbed the work and cost. A “win - win" for both parties.

When I asked Carl to put a name to the skill that he used to alleviate this obstacle, he could not. I suggested to him that the strength that he used was very much that of a “Strategic Activator”. As he told me of yet another CAR where he removed an obstacle this strength came even more into focus.


Carl was part of a large team that was launching a new, complex software product. They had a very specific plan of how the software would be allowed to be loaded on specific hardware platforms. From the back of the room, came the suggestion that this software be loaded on the iPad. The entire team knew that this was crazy because the software was so robust that the iPad would only use a fraction of its applications. Carl immediately saw the market for the software on the iPad and told the team that he would take personal responsibility for making this happen. In three months the iPad application was introduced and sales of the new software doubled their projections. Yet another example of Carl’s innate strategic activation strength.

I told Carl that I got this visual of a large conference table covered with the work break down steps for a large project. As the team around the table begin to talk about road blocks, or obstacles, they would start to "pop up" on the table, similar to the carnival-game “whack a mole”. The difference is that Carl’s innate strength does not allow him to punch those moles back down; instead he picks them up and strategically devises a plan to work with these obstacles. This is an example of Carl’s Brand Differentiation. Carl is a Strategic Activator.

I would now request that you ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you have a Carl in your group?

  • Have you worked with a Carl in your past? 

  • Are you a Carl?

  • Do you want a Carl in your group and if so, how would you find a Carl for your group?

In summary, by taking the time to tell the stories of your success, you can begin to see the patterns of strengths that emerge. By constantly telling your stories others can easily identify what the needs of the situation are and who might have the innate strengths to fulfill these business needs. 


Congratulations, you are beginning to see how Personal Brand Differentiation can be the tagline by which you show yourself and your “uniqueness” in the stories that you tell. By taking this first step of telling your stories you are deriving results from within.

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If you like the tip, let us know but more important, share it with a friend or colleague. As always, YOUR SUCCESS IS MY GREATEST PLEASURE.

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